Braver Stronger Smarter Frosted Glass 8 Colored LED Light Essential Oil Diffuser

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Elanze Designs has a variety of encouraging and sentimental diffusers. Extremely quiet, no heat or vibration allows you to enjoy and relax deeply. Beautifully designed diffuser; Continuous mist that lasts up to 8 hours; Automatic shut-off feature. Refresh any room; Pour water to fill line inside of diffuser basin; Just add a couple sprays or drops of essential oils. Setting for LED light can be used in changing color mode or can be set to one color (8 color options in which to choose); Plug-in to any standard electrical unit. Diffuser cover is made of a classic frosted glass; Water and oil basin made of thick plastic casing; Buttons and settings safe and easy to use in pedestal base; UL product safety approved. Whole unit measures approximately 5.75 inches in height and 3.5 inches in diameter; Ships in gift box packaging.