Hairbanglez Miniz Kids Sporty Silicone Fashion Hair Band Bracelet - Coral

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Hairbanglez is the first-ever bangle bracelet that adds chicness to a simple hair accessory. Functioning as a holder for hair elastics and doubling as a stylish bracelet, hairbangelz is a new addition to the trend of smart fashion-efficient style that serves a purpose. We all know that elastics disappear (despite constantly buying packs of them), that they leave unsightly red marks and can cut off blood circulation to the hand and how they can spoil an outfit when worn in a formal setting. Hairbanglez are bracelets solving these common issues: concealing and storing the hair elastic while keeping it close by, and most importantly adding a perk of style to your look. Each bracelet in the hairbanglez line has been specially designed, indented grooves to hold one thick or thin elastic hair band in place. While the hair elastic is secure in the grooved compartment, it is still easily accessible by hand through the rounded dips surrounding the bangle. These stylish bangle bracelets can be worn alone, stacked together, or with other bracelets, further concealing the purpose of the bangle and building on your individual style. Hairbangelz puts an end to the common rummaging for hair ties at the bottom of purses, and the repeated purchasing of hair bands that just seem to disappear. Putting hair up in a sleek ponytail or bun is a timeless choice that never goes out of style. Hairbanglez gives every girla fashionable way to make sure she always has a hair tie when in need of a style change.