P. Graham Dunn Inspirational Sharp-Edge Metal Finished Christian Pocket Knife - 3 Inch Blade (Strong and Courageous)


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P. Graham Dunn is a family owned and operated business that opened its doors in 1976. Handcrafted character combined with modern computerized carving and laser operations, all based in the heart of Amish country in Dalton, Ohio, makes this company truly special. Today P. Graham Dunn serves over 4,000 accounts, most in the U.S., and the remainder in Canada and around the world. Versatile Tool That Can Be Used for Opening an Envelope, Cutting Twine, Whittling Wood, Slicing Fruit, Etc.. Laser Engraved with Finish on Handle. Blade is 3" Long and Made of Metal. Makes a great gift, especially for Fathers Day!.

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