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The Little Horse - A Short Story

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  • A Little Horse witnesses Christ's birth and dreams of being ridden by Him; The Little Horse crosses rivers, deserts, and eternity itself in passionate pursuit of his King.
  • Follow the journey of this plucky little horse through 6 accessible chapters and join him as he discovers some of life's deepest truths.
  • Perfect gift idea for kids and adults and especially poignant for Christmas and Easter.
  • From Helmsman Studios; Ships in protective packaging.
  • Masterfully authored by Luke Helmer and beautifully illustrated by Jessica Saunders.
  • "When I came across this little book, I was in a dark place. Even though the audience is likely elementary age children, I was still swept up in the story. I love seeing through the eyes of the horse as I was able to connect so much to this animal in my struggle with the heartaches of life and more specifically what I feel like my calling is on this earth. This story gave me so much hope and inspired me to keep pushing forward when I wanted to give up. This is a MUST READ for all ages!" - Brett